Can I buy color lenses without a prescription?

You would have liked to have turquoise blue eyes, azure blue, emerald green or hazelnut? All of these dreams are well within your reach today thanks to color contact lenses.

Unlike the so-called ophthalmic correction lenses, purely aesthetic, but of the highest quality, fancy lenses can now be bought without a prescription.

Just like makeup or hairstyle, you can adapt the look of your eyes according to the occasions and your mood, extravagantly with a supernatural color for a festive evening, a color of a blue or a deep green for a dating and seduction, or with a very natural color so that nobody knows that you wear contact lenses. You can also change the shape and appearance of your eyes with opaque lenses or that lightly tint your eye by adding some glittery glitter.

Some “Big Eyes” lenses enlarge the iris, making it look more optical for you to look bigger, your eyes gaining intensity and depth, making you look even more beautiful or even more beautiful in all circumstances.

The latest generation lenses, also known as Korean “circle lenses”, are really easy to put on and to wear, they do not pose any risk if you respect the same hygienic conditions as for the ophthalmic lenses that correct the sight, and they are much more comfortable.

You can now go after your inspiration and your wildest ideas, the choice of fancy lenses having no limit, for example for the Halloween party, you can have eyes reptilian, wildcat, vampire , zombie, an ember-colored look, with the brilliance of a diamond, but also supernatural colors like purple, yellow, pink, phosphorescent tones at night or you can wear lenses with inscriptions, letters, symbols, little characters …

To be able to wear these lenses, you must absolutely respect the precautions for use as for example take into account their duration of use and therefore do not hesitate to change them every 6 months and this although their official life is of a year.

Among the other hygiene tips to follow do not exchange the lenses already used between people to avoid microbial spread, do not use a cleaning solution and moisturizing not recommended, forbid the wearing of lenses during sleep or swimming but also be very careful if you are prone to allergic problems resulting in inflammation, redness, watery eyes, itching, conjunctivitis or other eye problems.

If you take all these tips into consideration, you will wear your color lenses with confidence and peace of mind, you will enjoy them for a very long time and adopt them for life as millions of other color lens lovers.