Change the color of your eyes permanently with an implant in the iris

This is a new purely aesthetic operation practiced in several countries that raises many questions and concerns among the medical world but could very well revolutionize our appearance. It consists of placing a colored implant in the eye. In practice, the ophthalmologist makes a micro incision in the cornea then poses a silicone implant of great finesse, lightness and flexibility that will change the color of the iris. This intervention is not irreversible since it is possible later to remove it to change it despite the fact that the implant is guaranteed for life. Still prohibited in France, Europe and many other countries such as the United States, Australia or Canada, it is practiced in Brazil, Tunisia and Turkey, countries that have become destinations of choice for aesthetic tourism thanks to excellent surgeons and in particular internationally recognized and highly qualified eyepieces, advanced techniques that are realized and also because of the very attractive rates that are practiced.

This new surgical technique will make it possible to realize the dream of millions of people who fantasize about the blue eyes, green, hazelnuts, the rarest colors and coveted on earth by those who have black or brown eyes, very any and common. According to a recent study blue eyes would represent less than 4% of the population while green eyes only 1%. Having implants to change one’s eyes would make it possible to distinguish oneself from others, to lighten one’s gaze by making it more seductive, deeper, but also bewitching and bewitching. Other possibilities for the most eccentric, to pay eyes to the totally delirious colors pink, gold, red, orange, purple, white, gold, silver and eventually models sporting symbols, decorations or distinctive signs. Thanks to this implant that colors the iris permanently, everyone can break the laws of genetics and heredity that a child has the same eyes as his father or mother.

These new medical and technological advances also provide a glimpse of new treatments for people with ocular malformations and visual impairments. In fact, iris-poor subjects will be able to recover their vision thanks to a specific silicone implant, those suffering from depigmentation will use a colored model to restore the eye to a “normal” appearance and those affected by the genetic disorder. albinism will use this implant in such a way that it will filter the sun’s UV rays and make them less photophobic.

But if you are not ready to take the step, you prefer to wait until this process is fully authorized and practiced in the United States and you want to change the color of your eyes, the simplest, the safest and the most economical c is to wear colored contact lenses.