What differences between all color lens models

Although there are also corrective cosmetic lenses, the fancy colored lenses are intended for people who have no problem of vision or who do not seek to rectify their vision.

The cosmetic lenses are rather used as a fashion accessory, an attribute of eccentricity, originality, a weapon to charm, surprise, mark the spirits or as an element that completes a panoply, a disguise for example. There are different ranges of colored lenses that will have a very different result.

These include lenses with natural effect that superficially or slightly modify the color of the eyes, lenses with intense effect that completely change their color, lenses with dimensional effect that reduce the iris or widen the circle of the iris giving the impression that your eye is smaller or bigger, the lenses with effects of light that will bring a sparkle or spark to the eyes of people who have clear eyes and finally the lenses with supernatural effects, fantastic, ideal to wear at a party in a nightclub, a Halloween party, a costume party or a cosplay event.

Flexible lenses like the ones we offer that have a lifespan of one year are the best, they provide exceptional comfort and are very cheap when compared to the lenses of more famous and less reliable brands like Freshlook.

Note that it is absolutely necessary to adhere strictly to the lens care instructions and to apply elementary hygiene rules such as washing your hands and drying them well before carefully handling your beauty accessories. It also takes into account their duration of use and use the right lens solution to fight against microbial invasions.

In addition, do not forget to remove your lenses before sleeping and let them soak in the cleaning and purification solution all night long. It is also not recommended to swim with your lenses or to practice a very intense physical activity or sport.

If you adopt the right reflexes from the very beginning, something really easy, you can be certain to have no trouble and no problem with your new eyes and we are sure that you will become totally addict like all celebrities.

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