How to take care of colored contact lenses

It’s a little jungle among contact lens care products, not easy to find among the hundreds of products on sale in trade and on commercial sites.

Know that choosing your own is essential, it’s just as important as choosing your lenses because the solution will ensure that they are safe and safe for your eyes.

According to a survey recently conducted by the association “50 million consumers” some solutions would not be effective enough and in the most extreme toxic cases.

Prefer multifunctional solutions that are more convenient and secure than the ones we offer instead of using different products and brands you do not know. They will have various roles, that of rinsing, disinfecting, cleaning, lubricating and preserving.

Of course, these solutions can not make your contact lenses completely safe if you do not comply with some fundamental hygiene rules, here is a short list on how to take care of colored contact lenses.

You should wash your hands and dry them with a very clean cloth and every time you handle your lenses, before putting them on or taking them off.

It is necessary to clean daily your contact lenses which must bathe entirely in the multifunction solution, you can use for this a small bowl for example or the free cases which we offer with each order.

An important step that is too often forgotten is to gently massage both sides of your contact lenses with your finger for about twenty seconds. This will take off the microscopic particles and ensure that the lotion permeates the entire lens to eliminate all germs and microbes while ensuring that it is not damaged, that it does not miss a piece, that there is no tear or crevice (in this case do not hesitate to throw it).

The storage case should not be forgotten as it can become a source of infection. You will have to clean it with the same solution and very regularly.

As you probably know, we strongly advise against rinsing our lenses under tap water that contains micro-organisms that could contaminate them. The maintenance solutions that we sell are not really expensive since their prices are in a range of 10 to 15 euros and it is essential to use them.

If you use your lenses daily 8 to 12 hours a day the multi-solution bottle will last you over a month for a very small price. So it is better not to skimp on the amount of product to clean them and run no risk because contact lenses are never the cause of the problems sometimes encountered, but poor maintenance is almost always the cause.