Is there colored contact lenses for astigmatism ?

What to do when you are astigmatic?

There are several solutions to overcome this deficiency. The most radical recommended for the most severe cases of astigmatism is to have a laser surgery to change the curvature of the cornea. The second is to wear glasses with corrective lenses and the third is to wear contact lenses. This last alternative is preferred by most patients with this disease. On the one hand because they are reluctant to be operated with all the problems and risks that entails. On the other hand, because corrective contact lenses allow to offer a better vision, are more aesthetic, are more practical to do sports activities and especially do not reduce the field of vision unlike glasses.

But the question is: Is there colored contact lenses for astigmatism ?

Answer: Yes !

Contact lenses for astigmatism

There are different types of contact lenses for astigmatism: rigid spherical models that are adapted to astigmatism that is mainly of corneal origin and, conversely, the soft toric lenses that are most often prescribed by specialists .

The latest generation of silicone hydrogel toric lenses offer exceptional comfort. They can be worn much longer than regular lenses because they are breathable to the eye so you will endure them even if you suffer from dry eye or fall asleep.

Then you will have to choose between disposable daily lenses, monthly lenses or bi-monthly lenses. It’s up to you to choose according to your means, according to your needs. Ask your ophthalmologist, he will prescribe anyway the models best suited to your vision. To know that wearing lenses every day represents a higher cost of course but that their advantage lies in the fact that you eliminate a large part of the risk of infection. When you play sports, are in a dusty environment or you swim at the beach or the pool in this case for disposables.

Color lenses also exist for astigmatism and although more expensive and rarer you will find the color lenses with correction you need.

Even more than buying conventional colored lenses, it is essential to consult a doctor before ordering astigmatic colored lenses.