Multi colored contact lenses like rainbow

Want to try for the first time the so-called “cosmetic rainbow colored contact lenses” but you do not know which model to buy among the huge choice that you offered? We offer a little shopping guide that will allow you to find your way easily.

Visit to an ophthalmologist:

We recommend first, if it is the first time that you wear contact lenses, to consult an ophthalmologist to find out if your eyes are able to bear them. Cases of contraindications are really rare, they usually concern people with eye diseases. It is a simple precautionary measure for your eyes that has another purpose, that of evaluating the curvature of your eyes. Depending on this result, you will be able to know more or less Of course, this visit to the ophthalmologist is not an obligation.

Basic curve of contact lenses:

The base curve, also known as BCR, is the only important indication that you should pay attention to when choosing ophthalmic or rainbow contact lenses. Indeed, it is possible to determine the shape of your eye, it may be embarrassed, become uncomfortable and the source of irritation, vision problems, inflammation of the cornea, and more rarely, infections. Many lens users do not pay much attention to this adjustment and do not do any worse, however, to avoid any risk, it is advisable to take it into account. The value of the base curve is spread over a scale of 8 to 10 and a very large majority of people, it is around 8.4 which means that all lenses with this BCR index will be like a glove.

The different types of color lenses:

You’ve heard about colored lenses, circle lenses or big eye lenses. The last 2 categories are actually one of the most popular and trendy art circles. They are acclaimed because they are totally magnified, they are not expensive, they are not expensive, they are comfortable to wear, they are not expensive, they are comfortable to wear, and they are easily manipulated. All these contact lenses are aesthetic accessories to change the color of his eyes, his physical appearance, show on his day or turn to an unlikely creature especially for the Halloween party. But the particularity of Korean lenses is compared to that of their diameter is larger. Generally, it is around 14 or 15 minutes. They therefore cover a larger part of the eye by coloring the white part of the eye with a ring of dark color, giving the impression that it is larger and that your eye is huge. like doll eyes.

Which colors of contact lenses to choose:

There are nearly a thousand colorful lenses, so you’re spoiled for choice. You have for example 3-tone lenses with 3 colors or 4 tones with 4 different colors that will be superimposed to completely cover or just slightly change the color of your eyes for a more natural effect. Opaque lenses for the eyes of the eyes and the eyes of the eyes and the eyes of the eyes. red eyes, green eyes reptile, white eyes yellow eyes cat for a disguised Halloween party.