The woman with 27 contact lenses – Crazy

woman with 27 contact lenses

Coming to surgery for a cataract problem last November, a 67-year-old woman patient was surprised to learn that she had forgotten more than twenty lenses in her eye.

This Londoner had felt a little discomfort and a certain dryness in her eye, but she thought it was due to old age and early cataracts.

However, the doctors who operated on her last November found another source of her problem: a bluish mass, made up of 17 contact lenses glued to each other.

Hard to know how the woman could forget so many lenses. And the mystery got even thicker when the doctors fished out another 10 lenses.

A total of 27 contact lenses were removed from the woman patient’s eye …

Rupal Morjaria, the surgeon who treated her, revealed the information when the British Medical Journal was published on July 5th.

She took advantage of the media coverage of this story to recall the importance of ophthalmological monitoring: “Today, while it is becoming easier to order contact lenses online, patients are much more lax about control visits. Contact lenses are used constantly, but if the follow-up is not appropriate, we see people who develop severe eye infections, which can even cause them to lose their sight. “