Wearing contact lenses and dry eye syndrome in front of the computer

Dry eye syndrome is a well-known phenomenon that affects almost everyone. It concerns them that they are concentrated in their computer screen, a smartphone or tablet to work, play a game, chat or just surf the Internet. This phenomenon causes a variety of symptoms such as irritation, burning, tearing, light sensitivity, itching, eyestrain, or blurred vision. These manifestations can also cause complications when wearing contact lenses.

Indeed, having dry eyes is incompatible with the face of the face of the eye. These have hydrophilic properties and act as sponges on the tear which has a protective role of lubricant and humidifier of the cornea. It is a barrier to micro-organisms and foreign bodies, including fine dust and polluting gases, and another, very important role, it feeds the cells of the cornea in dioxygen.

If you are suffering from dry eye and wearing contact lenses, you are adding to the problem and this poses many dangers for you. In addition to the many discomfort-related discomforts, there are more serious conditions such as keratitis, corneal abscess and then there is the risk that contact lenses will adhere to the cornea. Also, if you feel the slightest resistance, do not force but rather lubricate the eye with eye drops, wink a lot of times to properly distribute the product and it permeates your eye. And if you still do not have persistent symptoms, go to an ophthalmologist or hospital urgently.

What to do to avoid dry eye syndrome?

There are some simple basic rules for the eyes and the eyes of the skin.

  • Staying at a reasonable distance from the computer screen or tablet
  • Work in a room with enough light
  • Ajust the contrast and brightness of its screen.
  • Hydrate regularly by drinking a lot of water
  • Do not over heat the air
  • Ventilate the room in order to eliminate pollution and dust
  • Place an air humidifier in the room
  • Do not have the breath of a ventilation system directly on the face
  • Do not hesitate to do this at least 10 minutes every day to get a good time. Then, if the first manifestations of dry eye have started (tingling, burning, itching), use moisturizing and wetting eye drops such as “artificial tears”.

And if you are not careful, you still feel the symptoms of dry eyes, and you will need them for a long time. And then, if you have the same effects again, in your case, remove your contact lenses and for those who need a visual correction, wear glasses.