Why red eyes with contact lenses?

Different factors can explain red eyes, they appear because small blood vessels are dilated in the sclera, the white part of your eye that extends the cornea. Your eyes may be irritated, tired, itching or burning. But whatever the cause, it’s something you have to deal with seriously by doing the right thing, that is, changing your habits or using the appropriate means. But if these symptoms persist, consult an ophthalmologist without delay.

Red eyes may be due to illness, allergy or infection such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, endophthalmitis, keratitis, iritis, scleritis, episcleritis, blepharitis or glaucoma causing inflammation and a redness of the eye. This condition is not necessarily related to the fact of wearing contact lenses but it can be if you do not use contact lenses freed from any foreign body and perfectly disinfected with a multi-purpose maintenance product. Some other diseases that are not directly related to the eyes like the flu or cold can also give you red eyes because of the obstruction of the nasal sinuses.

And then the most common reason is that related to an intolerance reaction to the maintenance product for contact lenses of poor quality or used beyond the expiry date. There are also external factors such as make-up, pollution (smoke, gas, chlorine), poorly oriented ventilation or air conditioning or too strong, or prolonged sun exposure.

These red-eye problems can also come directly from contact lenses, the model of which is not adapted to the wearer, because of the fact that it does not make it possible to correct his visual defect or, on the contrary, aggravate it for people with hyperopia, astigmatism, myopia and presbyopia so instead of relieve and rest the eye it makes it force and fatigue. This pathology may also be related to the fact that their shape and size do not allow to marry perfectly the eye. For this, 3 criteria must be respected perfectly; the sphere, the radius and the diameter.

Other factors related to the wearing of contact lenses that are corrective or color for cosmetic purposes therefore, the fact that you wear them more than you should in everyday life is more than 10 hours. But also because they are poorly maintained, they have, for example, asperities, micro-cuts that can make them abrasive. In these cases you must throw them away and use new ones because the risks of lesions and infections are very real. They may also be poorly hydrated and lubricated so they will irritate the eye but also dry the cornea because of their hydrophilic properties. In this case, you have to dive several hours in a bath of multifunction maintenance product so that they regain all their elasticity, their flexibility and their original form.

Impurities stuck on contact lenses are also a source of irritation, itching and tearing. To get rid of them, you must take your contact lenses in the palm of your hand by pouring abundant maintenance product and massage each facet with the end of a finger in order to take off all the foreign bodies.

Finally, having red eyes when wearing contact lenses may simply be a great sign of your tiredness because of your insomnia and overwork in the work. If this is not the case and this phenomenon persists after several days despite the recommendations we have made previously, temporarily avoid wearing contact lenses and opt for eyeglasses for the time that you make a diagnosis by a specialist doctor. And generally, prefer to buy daily or weekly disposable contact lenses to limit the risks of infection or degradation of lenses.